Your automatic garage can not be any good without a properly functioning garage opener or operator. We can install, support, and repair garage door openers to all models and styles of residential, commercial and industrial garage doors -- overhead garage doors, regular designs, and carriage house garage doors. The garage door opener consists of several parts which tend to malfunction:

Garage Door Opener Gear: The gear within the garage door opener may be worn out, in this instance you will hear the opener operating but wont find the chain or belt moving.

Garage Door Sensors: The sensors sit at the base of the trail on each side, if a thing is in exactly the way your garage door might not go all of the way down or might go down and back up. There are two lights that ought to be on, one green and one orange.

Garage Door Opener Motor: The motor is also a part that can crack, in this instance you generally wont hear anything when trying to open your garage door, even in this situation usually the whole unit has to be replaced. If you experience any problems with your garage door opener, then it's best to call a professional so as to prevent additional harm to your unit. At times the fix is minor and at times the entire unit needs to be replaced.

If your device must be replaced, we'll replace it on the spot with a new Liftmaster garage door opener. All these garage door openers come with a lifetime warranty for your motor, Liftmaster is regarded as one of the best garage door openers on the industry and are available only from authorized garage door repair businesses. Call us for garage door opener repair should you encounter any difficulties with your opener and also rest assured that your garage door will work like new.

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